Hong ik university (master's degree)
Graduate School of Film and Digital Media
Film Design

MG25 motionLAB
specialized course 28

graphic design & art direction & motion
Hello, This is Sewon Kim, motion-graphic designer.
I started my job in 2009, and now I've been working at a broadcasting station as a part of on-air promotion team. However, I am preparing myself to be a freelancer.
It takes a bit of time.

The source of all my inspiration originated from the interest and curiosity in various field.
I have a sense that I can accept many things.
My taste and personallity helped my career
I just love what I do and this make myself feel like it's not all about work.
Please keep your eyes on me.
I will succeed and become a competent designer in South Korea. Plus, I'm preparing to put myself into foreign market.
Thanks for having your interest on me.


+82 10 3949 6193
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